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Repair guides and support for Android phones manufactured by Nokia.

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а где остальные модели? where are the other models?

У вас на странице показана только модель "Nokia X".

А как же X2, XL и XL 4G?

Или вы добавляете новые модели постепенно?

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and where are the other models?

You on the page show only a model "Nokia X".

But what about the X2, XL and XL 4G?

Or you add new models gradually?

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ivanesko1998, those guides are written by people like me and you. Users of this website create those guides as they work on their devices. There can only be new guides if people, like you and I create them.

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ivanesko1998, эти гиды написаны людьми, как я и ты. Пользователи этого сайта создать эти направляющие, как они работают на своих устройствах. Там может быть только новые направляющие, если люди, как вы и я их создания.

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Nokia launched few mobiles recently at MWC 2017 and gained a lot of attention from it's users. The new Nokia 3310 was the center of attention and this times Nokia nails it with budget smartphones along with decent features.

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The 3310 is a 2g phone that is dual band 900/1800 frequencies. This will not work for most countries. For example, in the US, AT&T has completely shut down all 2g towers. TMobile is 1900 frequencies so it won't work there. Both Verizon and Sprint are CDMA so the phone won't work there either.


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