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inductor on logicboard question

Hello everybody,

The question is that I have a inductor the motherboard that no voltage is going thru, but each of both pins to ground measure 0,11V.

Is that normal??

This is the inductor :

Block Image

Any help is allways so much aprecciated thank you!!

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Let's rewind. What is actually wrong with this motherboard?


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Carles, it is really not a good way to check an inductor for voltage. You could either use an oscilloscope or an inductance meter to check the inductor. check for voltage out on pin 2 of the inductor. you should have 1.5volts.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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First of all is allways a pleasure to read your answers!! :)

Thanks for the advice, I didn't think to use these tools! Sadly I don't have them at the moment, I will think on buying them on a near future.

Okay returning to the inductor, I measured pin 2 of the inductor to ground and its 0,11V. Even pin 1 to ground it's the same value.

If the two pins have the same value, maybe the voltage that is coming to this inductor is wrong caused by the failure of another component? or the fail could be itself?

What you think?


Could be the inductor. It's the cheaper part, replace it if you can and check on the circuit again.


okay thank you!!


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