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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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How to clean the new Mac Pro?

How can I remove the dust from the insides of the computer without doing any harm?

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You should install a mac uninstaller. Choose any mac uninstaller and wipe all unwanted data on it like, duplicate files, malware’s and junk items as you want to remove. Do nor be delay download the mac uninstaller and take the benefits of its feature.


In questo articolo si parla della pulizia esterna e interna dalla polvere e dallo sporco, non la pulizia dal software dell' SSD del Mac. È tutta un'altra cosa.


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Can'ed air and a soft paint brush for anything stubborn.

You do want to be careful here with static electricity!

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Personally I adopt this method: I remove the protective cylinder, and insert a small plastic insert into the upper fan which prevents the fan from turning and getting damaged. (It must not turn by the compressed air; the circuit would fail). Then I blow the whole Mac with the compressor starting from the sides and going down, still blowing from the bottom upwards. Then I also pass internally to the cylinder, especially in the upper part where there is the upper curvature. In case the dust does not go away, I use a very soft, clean cloth. The air must obviously be as dry as possible and free from dirt. If you need to pass a soft brush in the most internal and not reachable points.

Unfortunately, the translation from Italian suffers from the lack of technical details. I recommend using a brush only in the upper areas of the fan, and only if the powder has stuck well to the plastic. Pay close attention to electronic parts that ONLY NEED TO BE BLOWN WITH AIR. Put your Mac lying on a large, clean and soft cloth. So you can rotate it to blow it all around. It would be perfect if you could use a semicircular piece of expanded polystyrene, with an inner radius large enough to accommodate the 22cm of the Mac Pro. For example, you could look for a polyurethane cubiera, to make concrete specimens, construction engineers use it, cut in half vertically, and with two holes of R.7cm, in order to obtain a semicircular support to support the Mac Pro.

Remember that the cleaner it is THE GREATER THE COOLING

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