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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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Digitizer keeps touching itself. Need help with it

Hello. So about 3 weeks ago i ordered digitizer for my broken iPad 2. The digitizer was cracked but it was working well and had no phantom/ghost touches. So i decided to replace the digitizer since i had experience with it. I've replaced at least 9 digitizers so im pretty familiar with the whole procedure. So i got a new digitizer, dissasembled my iPad and the weirdest things started happening. When i installed the new digitizer my iPad started touching itself. It would open apps, write on keyboard and etc. I thought i did something wrong so i double checked the installation and everything seemed to be fine, but it still had those phantom touches. So i asked for a replacement for the digitizer and they sent me a new one. But it had the same exacts issues. So i thought it was something wrong with digitizers from that guy. SO i ordered new digitizer from other seller and installed it but it had the same issue. I tried using compressed air cans to clean the slot for the cable from dust. But nothing worked. I tried using Kapton tape (im not sure if i used it correctly tho) to seperace the screen from the aluminum body but it didnt work either. I tried everything. I did the hard reset on it , updated to latest firmware , check the installation 3 times and all the other things. What might be the problem and what would be a fix for it?

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#1 most likely = that you are systematically making a crease in the flex. The flex should fit 100% between the LCD and frame. It seems like it should maybe lay on top a little bit, but no. As the flex is leaving the screen it should go straight down into a gap between the LCD/frame. Then under the LCD it can do what it wants.

any crease in the flex will cause ghosting, and that is especially evident on the crappy digitizers that are sold on eBay and Amazon that most people get.

#2 damage to the digitizer fpc connectors. Look hard at each pin--is it firmly soldered? Is any part of the connector damaged in appearance at all? If so, this is your problem.

best of luck!


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