How to solder on R61 and R153 back to board

I have iphone 4s and the two resistors r61 and r153 near battery connector, are missing. How to put back on? They are too tiny.

what are best tools for this?

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lit, I use a micro soldering pen or a soldering station that has micro tips, and a microscope or similar magnification source. I purchased an ersa 0045BDG for the smallest parts, and it works for me. Hakko as well as Weller make similar soldering pens. If you are experienced enough, you can try to use some fine tweezers or similar device to hold the component to the board wile you solder it. I use a small needle, but a clamp like this will work. If you are not sure, I suggest that you find someone with the experience of microsoldering. You would not want to destroy anything else. Remember I am just a hobbyist, you will get different answers from the pro's. Main issue here is that you need to get the tools that work for you.

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