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A water pump is a device that moves water by using mechanical force. Usually operated by hand to get access to water when running water is not available in the area.

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reverse rotation the other direction

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Okay, is there a way to reverse the rotation on this Emerson pump motor? I am posting pics. with my question. I sent my partner on here to find out but I'm thinking he may not have given you all the facts. It's just a old Emerson pump motor I am wanting to put on his compressor for him. The motor is good (tested)it just spins the wrong way. Can anyone please help us to correct it? Any advice (real advice) or input would be much appreciated, than you.

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You can change the motor to run on 120 volts or 240 volts but if you look at the bottom right of the service tag , it says the motor is not reversible.

It has to be wound to be reversible at the time it is made, there is no way rewire it to reverse the rotation.

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