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Is it easy to reseat upper case?

Is it easy to re-seat the upper case of a MBPro 17" Model A1212 after replacing the hard drive? Are there "snaps" that the upper case must snap into in order for the upper case to fit properly back in place? I ask because I will have to replace my hard drive and when I replaced the disk drive on a MBPro 15" Model A1226 I bent the lower frame over the DVD drive opening when I tried to get the upper case to snap back into place because there were something like "snaps". As a result the DVD would not eject. The DVD opening on the MBPro 17" is different from the MBPro 15" and is a part of the upper case plastic rim but I am wondering whether re-seating the upper case will be a potential problem?

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Thanks for the tip. It was a piece of cake! The upper case was easy to reseat unlike the MBPro 15" Model A1226 since the DVD opening is part of the plastic rim attached to the upper case.


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There are tabs on the front edge and the top lifts up from the back near the screen. When removing the top case keyboard, tilt it from the back to about a 45% angle then gently pull it toward the screen to release the hinge type connectors on the front edge. Just don't force anything and you should be fine.

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