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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Are SSD PCIe exchangeable between MBP and MBA

The MBA mid 2013 featured a new spec'ed, faster PCIe SSD which was most definitely not exchangeable with previous MBA's and (then) current MBPr's.

But now the MBPr early 2015 model also got upgraded to this new technology.

My question; are these SSD's now exchangeable? For example, can I put the 1TB SSD from a MBPr early 2015 into a MBA early 2013 and up, and the other way around?

This would be a high priced upgrade I do admit :-)

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Good Question!

So far Apple has not disclosed what is interchangeable between the different systems that use thier custom M.2 SSD blades and if they are now working with the common M.2 SSD blades now being produced.

While Apple appears to have settled on a common M.2 interface (PCIe) on the newest systems, I've been told the firmware within the SSD is not always workable across the different systems.

This is part of the reason 3rd party suppliers have not offered solutions for some of the systems. Some of this could be resolved by updating the systems & SSD firmware we'll need to wait a bit to see what happens when the dust settles in a few months as these systems are just to new (and not available in quantities yet for people to have test things out.

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FYI: Here's a good write up on the different interfaces Apple is using: SSD Form Factors


Hey dan,

I have a MBP Retina Late 2013 (11,2) and a MBP Retina Early 2015 (12,1). Are these SSDs exchangeable?



Sadly no, Apple has since updated their SSD's with 4 lane PCIe over the older 2 lane PCIe. Don't forget these are custom SSD's! While they are very simular to M.2 standard SSD's they are not interchangeable.


Pardon me if this is a stupid question after your previous answer:

Will the SSD with 2 lanes PCIe works with the 4 lanes? - moving the 2013 SDD to the 2015 MBP


Not to worry ;-} No question is dumb! - Blade type SSD's so far appear to be following the same track as memory: from DDR2 to DDR3 to DDR4 each are different and not interchangeable. HD's SATA interface allowed people to plug older HD's into newer systems to salvage the transfer the data to their new system (older drive, newer system). Most newer drives couldn't go the other way unless it has a means to adjust its I/O speed to match the other system.


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I realize this thread is old but == the answer is yes ==.

I just assumed they were all compatible since they were Apple products and swapped them between the two without even thinking about it. They were both blades and I needed to extract my MBA's SSD so I opened it to know what it looked like.

Before a forum troll comes to cry about bumping an old thread, adding an unnecessary and asinine post, I did it because others have the same question and this thread is high on the Google for it.

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I can confirm with Majinko that yes you can use 2015 ssd in late 2013 mbp retina. I did it and it works just fine. Great speed. Dan doesn’t know what he is talking about.


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