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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac Faulty Video Card

My iMac been giving me a lot of issues lately. I am suspecting it hs to do with a faulty video card. After like 10 minutes of usage the display will be all scramble up.

I am not sure if my video card is soldered onto the main board or now. The model I have is iMac (24-inch Early 2008)(CTO). The video card it is currently using is NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS. When I check on Ebay and Amazon I see that I can just buy the card itself but the card cost over 200 dollar... I am wondering if there are other lower model video card which is compatible with the iMac I have. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Also my serial number ends with "0KM"

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Here's the steps to replace your GPU card: iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 GPU Assembly Replacement. But, I wouldn't replace the GPU card yet.

Given the age of your system I suspect yours is quite dirty inside and needs a good cleaning and the thermal paste on the CPU & GPU needs to be replaced.

I would start there cleaning out the dust and redoing the thermal paste. It just maybe the issue is heat. To help monitor things I would also install this app: Temperature Gauge Pro so you can see the before & after conditions.

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Successfully reflowed the 8800GS GPU after removing the Graphics card from the main logic board and heat sink.

  • Cleaned off the old thermal paste with ISO alcohol.
  • Put a little bit of flux around the GPU. Put foil under and around the rest of the board
  • Put the board in the oven from ambient to 160℃. Then upped the temp every 3 minutes in steps of 20℃ to 240℃
  • Turned off the power to the oven letting the whole logic rest inside oven with the door closed until back to ambient temperature...

Cleaned the board of the flux residue with ISO, applied new thermal paste, reassembled the system ...

Tested and back running again :)

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@llange - Thats great! You where able to save your system!

Just keep in mind Apple no longer offers OS support on this older system and older apps that still run under the older OS are becoming harder to find. Best not to connect to the internet as the OS has some security holes and many web sites now use newer API's the older web browsers don't understand.


@Dan thanks for the advice depends on what you, how, where… I'd recommend those who can't update their OSX anymore to avoid using Safari and opt for other browsers such as Opera, Chro(e /ium), Firefox. As a matter of facts one of the other problem I see is that it's possible that a compromised root certificate (SSL) wouldn't be properly revoked (blacklisted). See macOS Trust Store for more infos


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