I can not restore disabled

Hello IFIXIT users. I have researched ALL possible methods to restore this iphone4s and i am pretty familiar with doing so with many other platforms as well.I am a dihard ifixit user and get the job done myself. Here is a lowdown of what im dealing with.


Baseband version 5.0.02

Running firmware version 8.2

This phone has never been synced to Icloud

and the pc it was originally backed upto is in a landfill

I have reset in DFU, when i master restore on itunes says"must unlock iphone" and screen says iphone disabled. any suggestions would be appreciated. I cant factory reset.

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I have done this on mac and windows.


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Rewind: when/how/why did this happen? Just after a restore? If yes, why did you restore?

Was Wi-Fi working properly before the issue happened?

If I had this in for repair:

I would access iCloud.com and disable Find-My-iPhone for this device.

Then I would download the firmware, enter DFU, and Alt+restore (Mac).

If that does not fix it (a first), and on a hunch, I'd try to heat the Wi-Fi chip, using a temperature higher than the one in this guide, something like:

Heat at 100 degrees C, 30 sec., then:

150 deg., 30 sec.

200 deg., 60 sec.

240 deg, 60-90 sec.

200 deg., 30 sec.

Let cool down, reassemble and try to restore again.

Note that I'd take the risk, but that risk involves ruining your Wi-Fi if it was working properly and possibly ruining your entire phone.

I'm curious to know what would fix it otherwise.

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That, of course, assuming the phone was not dropped hard or had water damaged, or previous repair gone wrong...


this happened due to forgetting password and my kids tried too many times and disabled it. I was originally trying to fix it on WIFI then i realised it is much easier to be hard wired when downloading ipsw files. This device was never synced with iCloud so it does not recognize it due to being disabled. The phone has never been dropped or damaged physically in any way. I am not familliar with this "heating" method. Was curious if any software could rescue and restore this device being disabled.


Typically, entering DFU mode (the screen should be "visible" to iTunes but the screen on the phone completely black) then restoring using a known good cable and the latest version of iTunes should fix it. The only times restoring failed were due to hardware failure that prevented the phone from completing the restore. And typically, the iPhone 4S may suffer from Wi-Fi failure that disrupts the restore process. I would try a Wi-Fi repair then restore again, but I can't insist because as I said before, there is a good risk of completely ruining the phone. So wait or ask for additional input and possible insight to the cause (and remedy). May be someone had a similar issue and found a different cause/path.


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