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Released in January of 2013 the Canon Powershot, model number A2500, is a 16 Megapixel digital camera. This camera can be used to take images or low quality videos.

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Why can't my camera turn on?

It won't turn on. I keep pressing the power button and its not turning on. Yes, the battery is in.

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Hi Victoria,

The most likely scenario to this is that the battery is dead. You should remove the battery from the camera and insert it into the charging housing. A orange light should appear to indicate that the battery is currently being charged. After a few hours a green light will appear indicating that the battery is fully charged. The battery can then be inserted back into the camera and by pressing the power button the camera should then turn on.

Ensure that the battery is inserted into the camera correctly and that there is no buildup on the contacts of the battery. These contacts can be cleaned with the use of a cotton swab and some terminal cleaner found at any automotive store. Once the battery has been cleaned insert it back into the camera housing in which the contacts are touching the prongs inside the housing. This will ensure that power is being transmitted to the camera.

For any further issues visit our Canon PowerShot A2500 TroubleShooting guide. Where there are guides for several other common problems.

Hope this helps,


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