iPhone 6 bent in Car Door - Not lights but sound and iTunes

Hi all,

Hopefully you guys can shed light on this one.

iPhone 6 came in the other day bent from the top quarter - more precisely over the sleep/wake button on the right hand side. The LCD is off, no life but the device still shows up in iTunes and is still presenting sounds and vibrations when mute/unmute.

So, i know it's alive! I have removed the board to see any further damage and have noticed only a slight bend in the board, nothing else but am I missing something? The rear housing is obviously damaged where the sleep/wake button is located, not an issue.

I have ordered a replacement screen in the hope that the lcd/digitiser connectors on the mainboard are ok.

Has anyone come across this before, any advice, tips?


See pics below.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hopefully the traces & via's in the board are not damaged. Did you make sure the little components are all present?


Thanks Dan - all seems ok, here are some magnified photos: https://plus.google.com/1032680647855752...

Will wait and see if the iPhone 6 replacement LCD lights things up again.


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