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Model Number: 7DTB39 / 8 gigabyte tablet / 7", 1024 X 600 screen

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How do I fix the screen?

I dropped my tablet and the screen is cracked. Can it be fixed?

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If you are confident with a soldering iron and have a basic idea of how to take electronics apart, this can definitely be repaired! If you follow the links I have posted below, it will take you to a guide telling you how to remove your broken screen. Then, you just have to purchase the correct screen for this tablet and install it in the reverse order that you took it apart. I hope this helped, good luck on your repairs!

Hipstreet Titan 2 HD Screen Repair Guide:

Hipstreet Titan 2 HD Screen Replacement

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A friend of mine had the same thing happen and already bought a screen. I tried to click on the link above to view the repair guide but it says Access forbidden. Any ideas as to why?


It may have been a temporary problem with iFixit's website, or your friend's web browser may have needed updated.


Thank you Josh. I just tried it again and it worked.


Where do you buy screen please Val


I don't believe that Hipstreet sells replacement parts, so your best bet would be to buy any 7" tablet screen like this one:

I hope this helps.


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Is there no longer a Hipstreet storefront in Toronto, Canada? Kathy

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