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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Replacing the display data cable of the MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display

The left-most 2cm of my display becomes black, and it has some vertical purple, yellow, blue etc. vertical lines within the black region, and affected area changes appearence when I open and close the lid.

Many people say that this has something to do with the cable. If the cable is broken, then I plan to get a replacement cable such as:

However, how can I replace the cable?

I've heard that the lid assembly is sealed, so how can I disconnect the old cable from the lid, and connect the new cable to the lid?

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My display went totally BLACK after a liquid spill to very top left corner of keyboard. Held a light to apple logo and as much as Icould see, it was all there. Using the MBP with an external right now, all is fine. Replacing the cable worth a shot?


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LVDS is a protocol that works based on the difference between lines. If the cable is messed up, the screen can become distorted. Old Macbooks use LVDS.

Retinas & Airs use displayport. DP is a protocol that either works or it doesn't. If the signal is not there, you see no image.

Even with LVDS it is almost never the cable, but with DP, if you see the image at ALL - IT AINT THE CABLE!!!!

This entire crap that it is the cable is an internet fairytale, based on wishful thinking that the problem is a $5 one and not a $100 one, and spreads like wildfire. You will be disappointed when you waste time and money replacing a cable that is not at fault.

Please read and learn; it will become evident why you cannot have a distorted image from a malfunctioning displayport cable.

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I don't mean the displayport cable. I mean the internal cable between the motherboard and the lid assembly.


And what do you think that cable is? This LCD screen utilizes the displayport protocol, as does the motherboard when transmitting data to the LCD, which makes this a displayport cable. If you knew what it was you would know that it cannot be bad if you see an image on the screen. Displayport protocol cannot have distorted image due to issue with the cable - you would simply see nothing at all.

Understanding how these machines are put together is key to troubleshooting problems with them.


Mayer, measure for a short to ground on pin 1 of LCD connector. Black probe on pin 1, red probe on ground, and multimeter in diode mode. Battery unplugged from laptop. Tell me the reading you get.

Then turn it on and measure voltage on pin 1 of LCD connector. Black probe on ground, red probe on pin 1, and tell me what you get. 0v, 12.6v, or 20-40v.

Anything using any type of inverter or LED driver board that is not on the motherboard itself is ancient! Tell me the 820 number of your board and I will do my best to give you some guideline of where to look and what to follow.


Thanks Louis, will do in the morning, very long day today.


Hey Retina Repairer why is mayer answering comments to you? Could it be the beer?:


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