An Android-based HTC smartphone, first released in 2011. (Also known as the HTC Sensation 4G.)

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not showing any image only shows awhite screen

when i switch on my phone i can hear the log on sound and the phone vibrate.but i can not see anything the screen is only white/backlight.what should i do please help

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i tried reconnecting the LCD cable but i still get the same i think i should just replace the LCD.


I agree, replacing the LCD should fix the problem. Best of luck on your repair.


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The white screen could indicate a problem with the LCD or it connection on the logic board. Have you dropped the phone in the past or done anything that may have possibly caused damage? If the answer is yes then the LCD has probably been damaged in some way. Or maybe the LCD's connection to the logic board it not properly seated in its connection.

You may want to also try doing a factory reset to see if maybe a software issue is causing a problem with your LCD. A factory reset will erase your saved data so make sure it is backed up before resetting your device if you don't want to loose anything.

If a factory reset doesn't fix the issue you may want to replace the display. Whenever I have had a white display on my phones it was from the LCD or its cable being damaged. I've even heard an LCD crack and then go to a white screen. This was my first attempt at replacing a digitizer and I was a little rough when trying to remove the old one.

Hope this information helps.

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thanks a lot i appreciate


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