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Converting Internal MacBook Trackpad to External USB Trackpad

Hi there,

I have a "Apple MacBook Genuine A1278 MB466LL/A MB466 Silver Touchpad & Cable 821-1254-A."

It's the internal trackpad from a modern MacBook Pro. It has some kind of 22-pin connector on the end of the cable. Does anyone know if it would be possible to convert this trackpad into a standalone USB mouse that could be used on another computer?

Here's a similar hack for older model Macbook Pros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVQKl-HV...


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Yeah I would Love to have a Tutorial or Guide for that, too.

So hoping for this to be possible.

Please, somebody help US....


@mayer, not to be too ignorant, but I fail to see how the link to that trackpad helps anything. Is it to verify the model?


I changed the icon to the correct machine. Then added the link so people would know exactly what was being talked about.



I am also looking to achieve this mod. In my research I have found others used the test points on the older macbook pro touchpads as solder points for the data and power cables in USB. I cant see these at all on the newer A1278 models so will be sacrificing a known bad part to attempt to find them. Unfortunately this could be the only feasible option as the cables I the flex connector and cable are so %#*@ small. If I am successful will put it up for others to see.


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Hi, has anyone managed to do this? I’d like to try myself

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I got a macbook but forgot the password how can i fix

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If it can be fix how much do it cost


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