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Released July 24, 2014, Amazon's Fire Phone is Amazon's first smartphone, designed to compete with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

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Fire Phone, Power Button Jammed

After a simple 2feet drop with a silicon case on my fire phone the power button is half jammed into the slot, creating a very sensitive button (causing it to display the lock screen at random times and turning on and off). Should I unscrew the star bits and see if I can pop the power button out? I know the warranty sticker will come off but I'm gonna need another phone anyways. Yeah or neah for adventure?

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iam facing some problem while iam charging my fire phone. it does not charge b/c the battery is fully drained , when i plug the cable in a phone the switch on, restating continuing , i change charger & cable also but the problem same and not resolving

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iam very great ful if some one have with a perfect solution,

plz share it


Sorry but you're toast well your battery is. This happened to me with my kindle fire and now it's sitting on my bookshelf till I get the nerve to open it up and place a new battery in it. If you contact Mayday all they can say is, "We don't have a fixing department, but I can get you a discounted fire phone ($165) since you're a loyal customer."They're abandoned the Fire Phone entirely. Though I was surprised about the recent update. The last update was in Oct. 2015.


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no doubt. do it with confidence.

1) if you can fix it you win the game

2) If you cant fix it, you may learn a valuable lesson with practical experience


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Good day ppl...I have a Amazon fire phone with two problems...1 is my power button....I have to press a bit hard on it to get it to light up the screen so I can unlock it. That's a pain.....An 2 in my phone when resting it keeps just saying Amazon an repeating it for about 3-4 mins then goes blank.....An help on what I can do....thanks in advance.....

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