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Raid 0 in MacBook 4,1?

I've installed a Samsung 128Gb SSD, and optibay with the old hdd, in my Macbook Black Early 2008.

I'm considering installing one more 128Gb SSD in the drivebay and then run it in RAID 0.

Is this possible when i'm converting the PATA drive connection to SATA? Would it be beneficial at all with SATA 1 speed in RAID 0?

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Speed improvement is probably not likely, however it does simplify adding additional storage onboard while maintaining a single view of the combined drives. Unless the drives are matched, the only option is for a concatenated RAID, which allows drives that are not matched to be used for a RAID.


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The I/O speed of your SSD is way faster than the PATA interface. So adding in a second SSD though it is just pointless. Besides you can't really split the I/O channel physically and it won't gain any more throughput.

You really can't improve what you have now without introducing other problems.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will just stick to what i have.


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