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The Tegra Note 7 is made by Nvidia and branded by graphics firm EVGA.

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My micro usb port isnt working anymore

My USB port isn't working anymore ;( heard a few people have had this problem. It seems this tablet has a weak USB port. Any fixes or ways of replacing it? Would appreciate it if anyone could post what type of USB port I will need or a tutorial on how to fix. Thanks

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cheapest and easiest way to fix it for someone with basic soldering skills is to put a QI charging circuit into it to bypass the broken usb port.

you need the 2000mA charging pad circuit then the 1000mA receiver usually off ebay for around ten pounds for both.

you have to split the case and solder two fine wires to the battery terminals then to the receiver, the wires need to be long enough to fit around the copper sheet on the back panel so it can be closed up again. just make sure you get the polarity right and the pad the correct way around.

the charger unit can then be lined up and either taped onto the back or sewn into a suitable case like the fintie slate 7 case or one of the chinese clones.

I've got four of these (all bought broken off ebay) using this mod and all work fine, I have broken the ports on two of the chargers but you just put new ones in as a fiver a year is not much to pay.

if you want a very simple way to get it working again you can also split down a regular usb cable and solder the black and red wires to the battery terminal routing it through the stylus hole on the back, you have a trailing wire but you can use it while charging much safer, you just need to make sure you use a smart charger which switches itself off

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I too have this problem with my Tegra Note. I planned to do the second idea you have suggested... can you please elaborate on it... Battery terminals are covered and where exactly wires has to be connected? It would be better if you can add a picture.


Bumped - would like to see picture and/or youtube vid.Will it be possible to set up wireless charging for the Tegra in a simlar way with a wireless charging pad?


a video tutorial would be freakin awesome mate


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Where Nvidia Tegra buy spare parts?

For example if I need a Screen Replacement; Tegra Note 7 in which web site they get it?

Thank you

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