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Repair and disassembly guides and support for the Digital SLR line of cameras by Canon, including the Eos series first introduced in 1987.

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Screen Black but Camera Still Shoots-Help!

One day my Cannon Rebel T3i was working great! The next day, the screen went black yet the camera still took pictures that I was able to download. I am unable to replay pics or view which setting I am in on the screen. The menu or info buttons are not working either. I have tried several troubleshooting ideas from the display button, removing and recharging the battery, replacing the SD card, to pushing the info button several times to reset the screen yet nothing seems to work. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!!!

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I had the same issue with my camera

I finally found solution ... today when i was cleaning my dslr i removed fully and re fixed everything all of sudden no images not display except dark black screen ... i was wondering if i have forgot to plug in something inside my camera.. Finally i found that the connection between Display screen and the chip set was dismantled i prayed for god then connected it back finally when i turned it ON ... Boom ... that was my solution

may by some case or something like that it might be disconnected or u might change the Screen or circuit


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I have read that trying to push the rubber eyepiece protector down firmly as I read that if it is up slightly, it can cause the screen to go black. No luck for me!

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Hello, I had this problem last night, visited this forum, but to no avail. However…. I did discover a fix….

I was using an intervalometer and it was inserted into the camera a little to far. When I removed it everything worked as normal. I reinserted the intervalometer, with a bit more prudence, and it has been working perfectly ever since.

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Display not working canon 200d camera power on but is camera not display

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