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rockwheel gr16-20r and gr16-25r

how to distinguish between rockwheel gr16-20r with rockwheel gr16-20r is there any a special code?

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RockWheel is the dangerous wheel or not ?

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There are two types of “RockWheels” you could be referring to: 1) a heavy equipment used to cut rocks, and 2) an electric unicycle made in China. I have 2 of the latter ones and whose batteries have stopped working. I am looking for replacement batteries, hopefully upgraded.

I have not tried to take the old batteries out yet.

Any info you have sent my way would be appreciated.


FYI: Both are dangerous, but the former much more than the latter. :-)


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I would say you need to check the battery specs. inside the Rockwheel. I believe the battery inside is the only difference.

The GR16-25R has a battery that the Mfg. refers in its specs. as “296Wh/ 32pcs”, whereas the GR16-20R has a little less battery-life and is referred to as “236.8Wh/ 32pcs.”

Hope this helps. I am looking for a replacement battery currently. tyanceyATemtrainDOTcom


On 2018-09-15ish

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