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Isopropyl alcohol can damage the LCD of the iPhone?

I have an iphone 6-1 months, and let the phone fall into the sanitary vessel, by the time I was giving discharge, the number 1.

Immediately picked up the phone, hung up, dried with paper towels, it was 9 am, just when I got every 4 days I could leave the bag of rice.

But before I had the unfortunate idea of ​​diving iPhone in isopropyl alcohol for 5 seconds without the SIM CARD cover.

(Isopropanol had to recurring problems with the home button on my iDevices).

Only after I called, everything was working perfectly, phone, buttons, microphone, lighthing, speaker, however my screen like this:

My doubt is:

Is it worth me buying the screens that sell on the open market?

The OOW service of apple (Out of Warranty), considers this service as just changing the screen, even with the red LCI.

As I must die to fix the device, if it has concert.

(If you have at least my son was happy the kid wants the device anyway).


And a scientific doubt: This problem would have happened because the isopropanol entered between the glass and the LCD?

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The isopropanol was a GREAT idea---it saved your phone, good job!!!!!!

What you are seeing is from the water, not the isopropanol. The droplets of water are trapped in the backlight of the screen---which is kind of like a book. Have you ever gotten a paperback book wet? It is impossible to get the pages to dry nicely.

A new screen will clear this right up. Make sure you transfer your original home button.

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