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An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

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Device will not display

After putting disc in SuperDrive no device display appears on computer screen and so cannot eject disc.

How can I eject disc either by getting drive to display or open drive and manually eject?

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What do you have it hooked up to?


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Hooked up to MacBook Air

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Is the drive meant to show up like usb do?


Go under Finder, to the left of the Apple in the upper left hand corner to Preferences. Click on general > CDs DVDs, and iPods. See if the icons shows up on the desktop. Drag it to the trash, or click once on it and go under File > eject. this failing restart and hold down the trackpad button.


I thought my SuperDrive had broken, as my MacBook Air no longer found it when it was connected, not in finder despite audio disc inside it, and the drive not making any noise at all. So I bought a new SuperDrive. Same problem, so I phoned Apple support and six different people have failed to fix it. Looking on google I saw one solution, restart the macBook with the SuperDrive already connected - success! I copied the CD and ejected it. However that is the ONLY way I can get it to work - it has to be connected at startup, and wont be recognised after that if disconnected and reconnected again. The old drive is the same. Any fix appreciated, thanks


I also think mine is broken cannot get through in any way? any suggestions what to do?


Apple found and fixed the problem - there was an extension on my Mac called RIMBBUSB.kext which was the cause, and deleting that fixed it. Apparently it is part of Blackberry software, which makes no sense in my case as I don't have a Blackberry. I did use a friend's dongle before this problem and wonder if the software was downloaded by that.


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