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The Canon Pixma iP3600 is a compact inkjet photo printer that weighs 12.3lbs and is 17.0”(W) x 11.7”(D) x 6.0” (H). This wired printer was released as part of Canon's Pixma series in 2008.

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How to clean the printhead

My name is kostas and I got the Cannon PIXMA4000 almost for 7 years. I was keeping it in very nice conditions without hitting him or overusing him. It started showing problems with colours. I have never service him cause i hadn't any problem with him till now. But now, I need him usually for some projects and i cant have my photos well-printed. I need some help,I dont really know how to fix it. I made him all the cleanings computer offers you but i still got the same problem with his colours. Sometimes the yellow is printed light red and the black blue. Pls help me as quicklier as possible. I don't think that this is all ink fault, i think its fault of the printhead, i took him of but i dont really know if i can clean him off and how. Did anyone know more about that problem? PLease help me find out how i can fix it

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To clean this print head you must first remove it from the printer.

Open the cover and wait until the carriage aligns itself to the "stop mode"

Remove the cartridges and then lift the lever to the side of the carriage.

The print head is all black and comes out by lifting the side.

There are five ports where the ink enters from the cartridges. On the bottom you will see a white plate where the nozzles are situated.One long and one square.

Do not separate any parts of the print head. This is critical. Do not remove the two screws that secures the white base. This base is where the nozzles are situated. Leave all parts intact.

The ink can become like sludge or can dry inside the print head.

This is my solution to clean the print head:

Run hot water over the entire set of ports. You will see the colours run. Let the hot water run over these ports for a few minutes

Turn the head over and run the hot water over the nozzles. You will see colours coming out from the nozzels.

Alternate this procedure a few times until the hot water runs clear.

In some cases the ink may become like sludge or too dry inside the head. If this does not fix the problem then allow the head to sit in hot water overnight. Place it in a water to allow the water to just cover the nozzles about 1/2 inch

In very stubborn cases Ive set the head in household vinegar overnight.

There is a channel that runs between the ports and the nozzles. It is jointed with a rubber seal. To access this the bottom white plate must be removed. This is accomplished by removing the two little screws of the white plate. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THIS WHITE PLATE. THE FOIL CONNECTION WILL BE BROKEN. YOU WILL GET AN ERROR MESSAGE " WRONG PRINT HEAD INSTALLED" The print head will be destroyed.

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did not work


'Do not separate any parts of the print head. This is critical. Do not remove the two screws that secures the white base.'

'the bottom white plate must be removed'


So what is it??? Do not remove or remove or am I missing something here - think I will just buy a new print head as Donald or henri longchamp

@henrilongchamp didn't have successs...


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I tried dipping the print head in clean water but it didn't work.

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Usually there's an option to "Clean print head:" under printer settings, it cleans the print head itself.

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TRE:"Clean print head" What happens when you select this option is the printer pours massive amounts of ink thru the print head itself. This may work in situations of simple clogging but rarely helps when the print head is clogged from sitting idle or has had a lot of printing.


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Clean the Print Head if lines are missing or if white streaks are present in the printed nozzle check pattern. Cleaning unclogs the nozzles and restores the print head condition. Cleaning the Print Head consumes ink, so clean the Print Head only when necessary. Use the following instructions to perform print head cleanings or print head deep cleanings.

Print Nozzle Check Pattern

Ensure that the printer is powered on and a number appears in the LED.

Open the paper output tray.

Load letter-sized plain paper in the rear tray

Press the <Black> or <Color> button. (The print head cleaning starts.)

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Follow these manual steps to clean printer head

Step 1: Remove the ink tanks and printer head

step 2. soak the printer head

step 3. flush the printer head with water

step 4. dry the printer head and replace

Remove the printer head and clean it with distilled water, shake it dry towels to air dry

Reinsert the paper head and ink tanks.

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