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I hit menu it says sleep timer I was told its

My Philips 46in Lcd Led Tv 1920x1080p 46PFL3908/F7 TV I don't got no more than 9 channels and every time I hit menu it just pops up sleep timer over and over and I can't get into the settings to scan more channels but the HDMI port does work I play my playstation 4 on it and it works perfect I was told it was in hotel/hospitality mode I bought the TV off Craigslist for 300 because my old TV stopped working I keep calling the guy back whom I purchased the TV from and get no reply I got twins on the way and can't afford a new one I can't take this lost my wife's mad because she can watch cable any suggestions

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What kind of remote are you using to access the menu? It sounds like you'll need a Philips PM335 remote, and that the code "0621" should get you out of that hospitality mode.

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I'm using a rca universal remote TV didn't come with original remote but IMA order one of those Philips remotes thank you I've been looking for a solution forever


No problem! I know how frustrating that can be. Hope it works well for you, and congrats on the twins!


Thank you I'm excited also I'm going to be a dad lol when you type the code in do you hit menu or anything before or after typing in the code


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