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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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It's sparks when I try to push the lever down?

I turned it side ways and and pushed the lever down it worked and then I cancelled it and put it upright!

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Sounds like you have a shorted or broken heater coil wire. Unplug it, visually exam it for a break or a wire touching the sides and test for continuity with a multimeter.

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Mine was sparking because of a piece of food on the electo-magnet.

After cleaning my toaster outside with my hose-end sprayer with soap in the dispenser (Miracle-Gro hose-end sprayer) then letting it dry for a few days, I plugged it in and pushed it down and it Sparks inside... I took it apart and found a piece of food product had burned into the electromagnet. I cleaned it off with a fingernail emory board. Then I put it back together and it works great!!!

I'm sure a dishwasher works just as well.

Also, I heated my oven to 150°, then shut the oven off and put the toaster in for about an hour to be sure it was dry. Don't let the cord touch anything hot.

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Who would even do that?


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Are you trying to get someone’s house burned down? Maybe you think it’s funny, or that nobody would actually do that. But there are people who might, and that’s on you.

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