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The Nexus S is a smartphone co-developed by Google and Samsung was the first smartphone to use the Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system.

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How to Fix Chargin Problem?



even so the complete ui of this site seams to be in german language i cant see any german content. But there is also no direction which would tell me in which language i should ask my qeustion. for this reason i will try to write my question in english language even so i am not very skilled in speaking/writing english textes...

My harware is a a Samsung Mobile Phone Model: GT-I9023 , named "nexus S" produced by samsung but with google logo. I have bought it once second handed, unlocked the bootloader and since them i am using it with sort of cyanogenmod (some changes from the original cyanogenmod has been done by me)...

Even though the phone is quite old, viewed from the perspective of our society[01], i would like to use it some more. I am more the software person so i guess it will be a hard journey for me to get the skills to fix it. That way i would be glad if you could share your experience with me...


Ive got, means i can see from my perspective, two problems with the hardware of my phone.

One Problem came after time, its that the approximation sensor isnt working properly anymore. The problem was that many software rely on that sensor and behaved wired if it isnt working correct any more. Long time i had to plug in an Headset to be able to hang up my calls. Even through it would be nice if the sensor would work correct again i have found a software substitution to solve the problem. It looks like the API provides two states, held to ear and not held to ear. Because the state was every time held to the ear (low distance) every software used this value had disabled the screen and all input. With a little change, which was done by an xposed module[02], the value provided is now set to high distance (dont holding to the ear) and hereby solved...

My second problem has no possible software substitution. Its all about power supply... Since i bought the phone i had the problem that in some cases the battery is faster discharged then it is charged. I tryed Samsungs original navigation cit power supply unit with an appropriated 12V power source but even tho if navigation software open street map is running the battery was faster discharged then i could be charged again. Once i bought a new battery because of the old ones capacity got quite low, that gave a slight improvement but still i have to keep track of my power consumption even if the phone is plugged in. Maybe there is a trick to improve the charging rate. Is it possible that the temperature sensor is bronken and so the charging process cant be done with full speed anymore. Is it further possible for the phone to charge with high current (4A or so) if i plug in a suitable power supply for that?

But even tho i could live with that problem i got now a bigger one. The Micro USB port got an loose connection /" slack joint". So i have to be careful when pluging in the phone that the cable is backed by a pen or so because otherwise it isnt charging. Also the data connection isnt stable anymore which makes adb over usb nearly impossible because every time you touch something the connection is interrupted...

All this problems look like planed obsolescence in my eyes, i would be glad if someone with similar problems could give me some advice with fixing things mentioned. My top priority is a stable usb connection, so if anyone can provide me an guidance/instructions about how to fix that i would be really glad :)... Even tho i would like to inprove the charging speed if i open up my phone to fix that loose connection thing. Maybe someone has some tips about hacking the charging electronics. Also it would be nice if the phone could work plugged in without battery, like my thinkpad dose, which is not possible. Maybe there are some modifications i can apply to that phone.

How do i check the correct function of the charging/psu circuit? Dose the temperature sensor has everything to do with it. Is there a reference measurement of an working phone?

Thanks a lot in advance for or your help



[01]: or what ever the correct word may be to express what i mean


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Are you any good at soldering? If not do you know a tv repairman? To open this phone and resolder the charge/data port is easy and will solve many of your problems. I suspect that if you dismantle the phone and clean it of all the dust and sweaty skin cells you will get the proximity sensor to work. I think if it were damaged it would stop working at all. The bad battery life may be due to the fact your phone is not up to the task of running apps etc designed for faster processor and so on of the later model phones. Or, you have too much on the phone. vids pics.try cleaning the memory up, declutter, get best system and see what happens.

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