How do I assign permissions manually in single user mode?

i made a grave error in trying to give the user profile for myself read/write permissions on the whole hard drive for my 2008 fifteen inch pro (model no. A1260), which has resulted in dubious permissions on files for




i have tried single user mode to run the /sbin/fsck -fy command which reads a fix was made but my macbook still doesn't boot normally and reads the same errors as before when i start it in verbose. i'm trying to find a way to manually assign permissions individually for the three files it is giving me error messages for, the librarylaunchdaemons, systemlibrarylaunchdaemons, and etcmach_init.d files... can anybody help please? i don't have boot volume disk, no partition on hd, no idea what os x it's running, and no other mac i can use to format a flashdrive, download a boot disk volume onto flashdrive, and perform a disk util repair. all help is muchly appreciated.

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