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Repair guides for Windows cell phones manufactured by Nokia.

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Is there any guide to repair the Lumia 730/735?

My Lumia 735 screen is cracked after meeting its doom with concrete. Everything is working fine, so it should be ok to just replace the outer glass. Is there any guide on how to do this?

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Anddy, check this videoTo separate the glass is a royal PITA, and even tougher to glue it back on the screen. I suggest to replace the complete assembly.

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The cheapest I've found is $89.99, which is almost as expensive as the phone itself. In fact, it is only $9.99 away from the price I got it. Thanks for trying to help anyways.


I'm in the same boat, bought the phone out right, and then cracked the screen two weeks later. Has to be a better deal out there.


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There it is:

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