Turns over but will not start help

I bought a use 1996 Toyota Camry ran perfect for four days no problem ever starting then my daughter drove it and it died on the highway in the middle of an overpass would not start again had it towed mechanic put in a new ignition module. Finally drove off the lot and she got the car home drove fine and it would not start again in the morning . Had a mechanic look at it at location because it won't move and I can't afford to tow it. He checked the ignition you know schematics of how it works and decided that it must be the coil. Now I believe I can put in the coil because he did not finish the job because we had no money for the Part. So my question now is where is the coil I would say ignition coil on a 1996 Toyota Camry the ignition module is on the right side closer to the fuse box but not sure were the ignition coil is at. And if this doesn't fix it I don't know what to do. Single woman knows a little bit about cars would like any help at Offered very much appreciated. What I did not understand about this car is that it intermittently started several times but then died like the next day she tried to start again and it started but then promptly died Thank you. Call me if can help 512-569-8045.

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