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The JBL Charge was released in 2012. It features Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio for a wide range of inputs. A high-capacity 6000mAh battery provides several hours of entertainment and can charge other devices with its built-in USB port. Available in Black, Green, Gray, and Blue.

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What model is the replacement battery and where can I purchase?

Replacement Battery for JBL Charge, is hard to find model and where to purchase.

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Hi Larry,

I've been looking for ages for a battery that will adequately replace the one in the JBL Charge! After some research, I discovered the battery model is AEC982999-2P, which is a 3.7V 6000mAh battery. A quick Google search did not return a replacement that is the same size as the JBL Charge's.

I know it's not a very common site to use in the US, but is a good place to look! Hope this helps!



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Yup, they have them. But you have to buy a minimum of 500. :(


Hi Joe

I have a JBL that's not working at all , what could be the problem?

even when it' plug in still not working. could it be the batteries? when the speaker was working the sound coming out of it was statically and popping. any feedback would be helpful.


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Not a real answer but my battery failed after 2 months, no receipt just a serial number and rough estimate of purchase time, location was Stanstead airport.

That's all I gave and all I had, 20 days later a new charge 2 arrived, amazing.

Love the model and love the service:)

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eBay has a few used.

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I purchased one and installed it and it works fine.


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