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Wood and wheels. There are a variety of different types of skateboards used for different purposes. The basic types of skateboards can be categorized into cruiser boards, longboards, and standard trick boards.

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My skateboard squeaks every time I turn?

i've had my skateboard for a year or two now and i only just recently got back into skating and every time i turn on it, it squeaks loudly. how do i fix this problem??

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Swap the bushings off the trucks from another board if they are the same size and see what happens. Also you might need to get those pads that fit under the trucks against the board but really I think it's the bushings in the middle of the trucks, also tighten the four screws on the truck plate against the board really tight might wanna get new a whole nuts and bolts setup to make sure it's all tight. Then bust a heel flip 360 down about 7 stairs to see if its ok.

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Watch this

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