My laptop turns on then shuts off after a few seconds later

The power lights turn on and fans for a couple seconds. no display though and the machines cuts off right away. at most 3 seconds its on for. battery is fully powered. tried plugged to power charger without battery and with battery. Not sure what the problem is though

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Hello, did anything happen when this started? New components, update, or anything of that nature? can you see the display turn on in a dark room?


It could be a too hot cpu problem. These cpus are configured to turn off if the temps gets too high. I recall my first laptop having this problem . Finally figured out it was because I was using it on my bed and the air holes were being covered up by the blanket. Went to a table setup and never looked back. Even a brand new laptop will demonstrate this behaviour if its airholes are blocked.

I usually service laptops every year or two, opening them up and putting in new thermal paste as well as cleaning out dust bunnies from air passages. These passages are really small, I've noticed, and so, just a little bit of dust bunny will raise temps. That's a laptop for you: much happening in a small confined space.


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