No Video from HDMI, but unit works.

Recently the HDMI Video output on my Apple TV stopped working. It does power on and the LED on the front of it will flash whenever you press a button on the remote. I tried resetting the unit and cycling through the video outputs, but the TV doesn't show any video input at all.

I've tried switching HDMI cables and ports with known good ones, and even a different TV with no change. iTunes sees the unit and can even restore the software on it, but there is still no video output.

I took it to the Genius Bar to see if hopefully there was a hidden campaign for this issue (Apple sometimes has campaigns to address issues that they don't speak of until a unit comes in with the problem), or at least something they knew about fixing it, but no solutions there but to replace the unit entirely.

Has anyone ever ran into this issue before? And if so, what was the solution? I've gone ahead and purchased a new Apple TV. Which interestingly enough works much, much faster than the old unit when it comes to loading content (both were connected via Ethernet). Makes me wonder if there was a supplier switch in the years since we've owned it, or if that might just have been a symptom of an impending failure.

If possible, I'd like to try and fix this one for use with our 2nd TV. It's not physically damaged at all, though I do wonder if this might just be a broken solder joint somewhere.

Any ideas would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!

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I have one that's exhibiting this exact same problem, Sorry, no answer yet. still poking at it .


I had the same issue that I was able to determine was caused by a power surge. The power surge must've stuffed the HDMI port or it's function with the logic board.

As a result I'm currently trying to source a replacement Apple TV 3rd Generation logic board as it looks simple enough to replace.

Where can I find a replacement Apple TV 3rd Generation Logic Board?


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