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Repair manuals for HP's "Mini" series of small form factor netbook computers.

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Can the power port on this Chromebook be replaced?

I have several HP Chromebook 11 G2 that have broken power ports. They are out of warranty and would like to see if I can replace the port to try and get more use out of them. Has anyone been able to replace one?

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I have not tried to replace the microusb charging port, but in reviewing the Maintenance and Service guide documentation for the microusb charging jack, it is part of I/O board, identified by part number 761971-001 on page 8. You can also see this part on the Product End of Life Disassembly Instructions as well.

The HP Part Surfer does not list it as available for purchase, but you may be able to find it through an Authorized Parts Partner.

However, since this is a micro usb charging port, I would approach replacing the port itself no differently than you would a phone or tablet.

In the process of searching for your answer, I found How to fix the Hp Chromebook 11, which identifies the connection between the motherboard and battery connection as a cause where the Chromebook itself does not show that it is charging.

Since you have several, I thought it would be a good start to verify that the ports are not working before replacing them.

If you have to change the micro usb receptacle, it is a USB Micro-B. You can find the USB connectors mating matrix on Wikipedia to verify.

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Owners of HP Chromebook 11 laptops should beware HP & Google have set specific "End of Life" dates when the CB2 is no longer supported. For example, my HP CB2 11-1101US obsolete date set by HP/Google is Oct 2017. The EOL date varies based upon Chromebook manufacturer/model/installed OS version. I do not know how CB2 HP/Google support will change or be removed if Win10 is installed...


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You have to find one that's for parts only and exchange the charge Port I have the same problem with my 2017 Hp 14 inch Chromebook the hard part is finding the part it's so easy you can do it yourself. No soldering required one screw pop It out and put in the new or replacement one and you're good to go.

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The real issue with the charge port is that it just will not allow the USB c connector from the charger to seat properly. I have to assume this is just the fact that the charger was plugged in an out many, many times and the connector on that small card has been abused enough so that it won’t allow for a snug enough fit. You have to wiggle. I fear that even replacing the card (which I can confirm is easy to do with just four screws and one connector to the mother board) won’t really “fix” that issue. The port can’t be replaced individually. FYI - I believe you can install a CloudReady version of the Chromium OS and “update” it to a newer OS but charging remains the issue that will make you pull your hair out. :)

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