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This is a touch-screen controller associated with the Wii U video game console. It was released on November 18th, 2012, and available in black or white. Model number: WUP-010(USA)

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Wii U Gamepad Screen Repair?

I love playing on my Wii u. Titles like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon help me feel awesome. But unfortunately, my Wii u gamepad screen broke. I've looked everywhere for a guide to do it because it cost $100 to get it done by Nintendo. Can someone please give me a guide or possibly ask IFixIt to create a guide to overcome this problem?

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When you say the screen is broken, what's the situation exactly?

Is it cracked? Does the screen display? Is it completely black? Has it bled?

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The screen is not cracked but the screen is damaged from within, so there is just black with a little bit of color lines.


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Only scratches on the screen

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It's simple really, but it just takes a while to do this.

Two solutions:

1. You can go on amazon and search up "wii u lcd screen" and find the one by Nintendo. Under it is tools that are INTENDED for the repair.

"Warning: You NEED to buy the tri-wing screwdriver, and if you don't have a BIG size array of phillips head screwdrivers, buy the one there.."

2. Just go to your local Target or Nintendo store, and buy a new GamePad.

Both solutions work. 1st one takes alot of time an risk, 2nd one is easy, yet pricey.

(And I'm not talking about gas prices..)

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How do you actually do it?


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