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Released August 22, 2013. Identified by model number NP940X3G.

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How to upgrade SSD?

I've opened the back cover and removed the battery, but I see no mSATA. Where is it?

Update (09/25/2015)

Please see the pictures I've posted of the inside of the Ativ book 9+. Is there an mSATA SSD in this laptop?

Update (09/25/2015)

Block Image

Block Image

Attached pictures.

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i cant see any mSATA on this board. There is a place where it says 2nd SSD but as far i can see there is no connector. I think it is not possible to build a SSd with mSATA in this Laptop.

Sorry to say that.

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Hy William

When you open the Notebokk, is there a orange cable on the left side of the Batterie?

if yes, under this cable, you will finde the mSATA connector.



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Unfortunately, no orange cable. There is a piece of plastic, looks like a spacer. There are two wires connected to this piece of plastic, very thin wires look like power, red and white.

If it is possible to post a picture here, I can share a picture of the inside of the laptop.


You can ad a picture by making a new answer and click the picture button


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