Screen replaced, no image/backlight.

Hi I need some help.

My screen cracked so I decided to replace it. The screen partially worked on the top half, but the bottom half was cracked. I have fixed other phones such as the LG G2 and LG G3, but never a Sony. I followed the instructions in this video.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact LCD Screen Replacement

I test-fitted my screen before installing the adhesive and when I turned the phone on the screen doesn't light up whatsoever. So I unplugged the new screen and plugged in my old cracked one, that one didn't light up either. I can hear the phone working for example when I push the power button I get a long vibrating noise (startup vibration). I also tried the "Sony sudden death fix" holding the power button and volume up button, I get three vibrations, but nothing happens. I tried plugging it into the wal and the light turns red (top left). I tried unplugging the battery and replugging it back up to see if that did anything, didn't help. I'm at a loss as to why it's not working. Does anyone have a solution? Maybe I accidentally disconnected something?

Anyone have any advice?

edit: I hooked up my old screen and then re-installed the rear frame. Now when I click on the screen I can hear noises. What I'm clicking is the different language options on the start-up screen after a factory reset. I know this because before I attempted the repair that's the screen it was on.

I tried this with the new screen as well and the same thing happens, I can hear the click and vibration noises when touching the screen but I don't have an image on the screen.

I was reading that maybe it has something to do with jumping a resistor? Does anyone know anything about that?

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