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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact released in Sep. 2014.

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WiFi Does Not Turn On

After an automatic update was installed (5.0.2), WiFi won't turn on anymore. If I try to turn it on, it just says turning on but it won't open. The WiFi Address, MAC Address and Bluetooth Address in Settings only shows "Unavailable".

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I got a smilliar problem like you,try to reinstall/downgrade the software and didnt work,i tried to bring it to sony service center but its gonna cost a month to repair it,what i did just bought a wifi pcb board and replaced it by myself,now its working again

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Hi, did you find a tutorial to replace the WiFi PCB? I can't find one anywhere?


it works for D6708 Z3V MODEL?

this appy for.. ?



@James what i did just type in youtube search box,"how to disassemble sony z3",do a research about wifi pcb model,how its looks like,then try to replace it based on the video

@rafael im not sure,if the pcb model same like mine,please do a research first,i guess the method to replace it still same

Please forgive me,im not so good at english,but im trying to answer you guys with my best


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Oh Its Difficult You Need To Downgrade Your Device So You Can Use Wifi Again. I Hope It Works

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Downgrading your device is not necessary. Sony released the update to the phone after they tested it. Do think Sony would have upgraded the device if wifi didn't work?


It not always help. Sometimes it is hardware issue so software solution wont help.


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