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I have no spark

I've tested the coil it's good and there's power to the distributor but it doesn't get spark to the plugs The Plug wires all seem fine. In the distributor there's a few things I'm not familiar with there appears to be a ring with 8 triangular points and a couple of plastic pieces that have wires running through them . I restore cars and am familiar with points and condensers and also with newer coil packs but I'm not up on the 70's ignition systems . This is a 1976 Monte Carlo with a 350 motor.

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What your looking at with the 8 points is the pickup coil there will be two wires coming out of that going into the ignition module . this 4 pin module hooks into the condenser module and then there's wires that go out of the distributor. The fail points on this system are all easy fixes . The wires coming out of the pickup coil will often break causing you to lose your spark . replacing the pickup coil requires removing the distributor and tearing it down to reinstall the new pickup. they can also be repaired buy simple soldering the wires back onto the pickup. if the wires are fine then the next step would be to replace the 4 pin module and condenser module. Its a good idea to replace both at the same time as the one you don't change will fail immediately after the new one kicks in. Hope this helps

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Thanks for the quick responce


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