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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Tape over Ribbon Cable

I've disassembled and repaired my HTC One, but I can't really get all the tape that was covering the ribbon cables to re-adhere. My impression is that it was just there to keep things in place, and maybe prevent shorting. In that case can I use regular electrical tape instead? If not, where can I find the right tape?

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You are correct, that tape is used to hold the cables in place. Especially with an HTC phone, they have a tendency to run lots of cables everywhere! The tape that is being used is called Kapton Tape. Its a heat resistant thin tape, and has multiple uses in the electronic repair industry. iFixit sells this tape for about $10. You can also find it on eBay for about $5 (both links below). You could probably apply a little electrical tape to hold the cables down, I wouldn't use too much since electrical tape is thicker than the Kapton and you don't want that thickness to interfere with something not laying properly.

Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape Görseli


Polyimide Tape


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Can anyone confirm this works? The tape on the ribbon cables is silver and has an almost fabric-like consistency to it, the polyimide tape shown above is copper in colour, is translucent and has a plastic-film consistency to it.

I have the same issue as the OP and want to make sure I'm not taping the ribbon cables down with something I shouldn't.


So I'm the op. No guarantee it works, but it seemed to for me. I did lose nfc upon reassembly, but I can't pin that to the tape and not the having been dunked in a wine cooler for hours before I opened it, my Rom, or the fact that it was my first time opening one of these.

Tldr: it's probably fine, but no guarantee.


Did anyone ever figure out what the other tape actually is? We seem to agree that the copper-colored "polyimide" tape in the middle is not the same as the other tape that's used to hold down the ribbon cables on the sides (which actually is the tape that we're looking for), but I can't seem to find the name of this other tape anywhere.


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