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This laptop has an Intel Celeron Processor with a 15.6" screen, 4 GB of memory, and a 500 GB HDD. It may be all black or have a white shell with black edging.

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Can I play high end games on this computer?

I was looking for a cheap laptop to play my favorite games on. Would this be a good buy for my needs?

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Richard Johnson, that is a non-repair question. Only you can answer this question since you did not tell us what your "favorite game" is. You need to look at the hardware requirements of the game and select your computer based on that.


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High end video games require a lot of computing power and memory to handle the math functions required to generate the graphics and physics. This specific laptop comes with Intel Integrated UMA, which means that the graphics are powered through the onboard chip. In most cases, this means that there is not enough power to run high end games. The chip is only designed for simple things, such as surfing the web or watching a movie. You'll also be able to play most web-based games that are not resource-intensive. This is not the laptop to roam through a forest hunting dinosaurs or hijack cars to complete mission objectives.

If you're looking for a laptop that has the capabilities to play current games, you will need to find a laptop that has an external GPU with the specifications necessary to handle your favorite video game.

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You do not know if the OP is using a "high end " video game. That was never clarified. You are assuming. Maybe the OP's favorite game is Wing Commander 3 which would most certainly run very well on this computer. Never assume


Onboard graphics are not meant for video games.


Also, Ricky specifically asked in the question "highend". In gaming, "highend" typically means the latest and most sophisticated games. Wing Commander 3 does not fit that category. The latest games, even in 2013, require external GPUs, such as the NVidia 660M or better, to run. This laptop comes with Intel UMA, which means the integrated GPU will hog memory resources from the 4 GB memory. That means that it will struggle to play even the most basic games. This laptop was not designed to play "highend" games.

There were no assumptions in my response.


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