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The Asus X551CA is a 396.2 mm laptop computer with convenient features for everyday use.

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Keyboard malfunction,hardware or software problem?

Okay so i know this is not the keyboard itself because i have replaced it and didn't fix the problem. Scanned my whole computer and found no viruses, what the problem is, is that if i were to press key "3" that's above letter "E" it would show up as ".74231" if i press letter "E" the results i get are "hge9+" also the caps lock and spacebar act like this, not every key but about a handful of them do. I have already tried the "fn" "num lk" technique but it still does it.

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74231.7423174231.p7s 74231i have th74231i

I have the same problem! ugh. glad im not alone! all of the same problems although when i brought it to best buy to look at it they found nothing. they ..7423174231.74231.even kept it for a couple days and it didnt do it for them. but only for me. smh. i learned that if you slap the laptop with your hand, it will calm down for a few moments and stop...yup, the good ol fashion american


experiencing the same problem. Any updates? Please help me!!!!


My guess is liquid damage / corrosion on keyboard connector, controller chip or circuit traces between kb connector and control chip.


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Your device is fine, its your key board. Junk the board and get a new one. I have two or more of these a month from friends an family. Ive worked on the boards to fix this isue. There is only one fix, a new key board.

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I don't think you read what i had said, if its my keyboard then why did the other keyboard i ordered from EBay had the same problems? It was even tested and said to be fully functionable.


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