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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact released in Sep. 2014.

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Replacing the ear speaker from back or front?


I need to replace the ear speaker of Z3 compact and would like to have your advice.

I watched this instruction for disassembling.

I would like to know if I can replace the ear speaker from backside after removing the main board.

It appears that we can access the ear speaker once we open the front panel, but I would like to avoid the risk of breaking the front panel while removing.

Any suggestions?



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May be I'm lucky, but I managed to disassemble front panel with screen of my XperiaZ3c, disassemble and clean the ear speaker and put it all back on new sticker well. (Without even opening back panel, and screen trail attached)

So, good luck! It is not so hard.

(used these kit


Thanks, Pavel! I used the kit you recommend and was able to fix the ear speaker issue without removing back panel.


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Any device with a screen being repaired should not be repaired from the front. The front is the weakest and most expensive. You have been warned.

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Yes, that's what I thought. Do you know if I have access to the ear speaker from the back once I take out the mother board?


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