Swapping HD drives around

I've taken out the hard drive and have flashing folder. However I know the HD was working as I swapped it out of another MacBook Pro (same model same month etc...)

I would put the old one back in as I switched them around because I was having to load OS-X on to the drive as the disk drive wasn't working, I just put in the HD that had OS-X on it already into the Mac this worked on another machine so assumed it would work here. Don't want to fork out for a new HD drive if i don't have too.

I tried doing a FireWire connection between MacBooks and the drive is there and is showing it available.

Do you think that this could be a logic board problem? I'm not convinced.

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It sounds like you've got your self all twisted about here. Can we start off getting the last four digits of your systems serial numbers (both) so we can get a handle on what systems you are working with here.


The next question here is what is your goal? Are you trying to move the drive across because you are switching your systems? The more detail the better.


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