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2.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache. Released February 13, 2013.

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MacBook is not working

This MacBook Pro is from my friends workplace.

Since they bought it, it was always connected with the MagSafe charger. It's to show clients my friends web designs.

It probably was never used correctly. When I connect it with the charger the LED starts with green and later will switch to orange. But it never switches back to green again. Is the battery dead?

Sorry I have no experience, with repairing MacBook's, only iPad's and iPhone's.

PRAM reset is not working. When I do a SMC reset the LED switch from orange to green and back again.

But, after pushing the start button, nothing works. There's nothing working, no ventilator or any other LED or backlight, only the light from the charger.

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i opened the macbook and disconnected the battery and connected it again- but it isnt working...


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Hi guys,

finally i solved the problem by myself....

it was the dc-inboard.

i measured the battery and it was still good.

after i build part by part of the macbook pro and checked under the miroscope i found these two little guys on the dc-inboard.

Block Image

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Hi Martin, I'm having the same issues. How did you find out it was the DC inboard that needed to be replaced? Thanks!


Hi Tom,

the battery was still loaded a bit. so i thought something else is wrong.

if i turned the macbook on, nothing was working- no fans running.

actually there was two options: 1. motherboard is broken or 2. dc-inboard.

but i thought nothing happened to the motherboard: no liquid damage and the macbook didn't fall down or nothing hit it.

i took the motherboard out and checked it under a microscope and everything was fine.

after i saw the dc-inboard under the microscope there was those two little yellow parts (on the photo up there) which looked like leaked out.

hope this will help u!


Ok thanks for the response! I brought my machine to Apple and they're sending it for an out-of-warranty repair which should only cost $280.00 as long as it's not water damaged.


Hi Tom,

your machine went for a swim?

I never bring my machine to apple, cause they repair it for to much money and in many cases they just say it is broken- but it's not true. they only wanna sell a new machine....

and 280? the dc-inboard only cost a few bucks!

but i am interested what apple will tell u, plz give me an update.

probably the will tell u, the motherboard is broken.


Haha actually no! An Apple-certified retailer tried to say it was water damaged, but I took it apart myself and found no signs of liquid. ALL the liquid sensors were still white! I then took it to Apple and they said it doesn't look like water damage, so they sent it to their repair center and will fix it for $280 as long as it definitely is not water damaged. So I will post again when they get back to me, hopefully by the end of this week.


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Download and run Coconut Battery to get a better idea of your battery status and let us know your results. Remember there may have been a reason that machine was doing what it was (someone may have known).

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thx mayer,

and the next question is:

how to run the programm? cause the macbook is not working?

should i buy a new battery or other items?


Sounds like you're in over your head without another machine to test with. First get a history on that machine, There is probably a reason that good and new of a machine was sitting out for customers. There may be a test button on the side to show the battery status. i.e. green LEDS.


sorry but yes i have no other macbook for testing the battery.

there's no test button on that model.

maybe i change the battery and after the battery the dc- inboard!?

or should i change first the dc-inboard?


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