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Is my touchpad upgradable?

Can I upgrade my old touch pad with the new glass buttonless touch pad?

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I'm sorry, it's a totally different install with a totally different connector. It might be possible with extreme modification, but in terms of just swapping parts, it can't be done.

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while you may not be able to put the unibody's glass trackpad on your MacBook Pro, you can take the top case from a Penryn generation 17" and install it on yours. my 2.33GHz 17" has the top case from the multiPod Touch generation, the original keyboard with the F1-F12 buttons replaced, and the main top case cable and temp sensor from the 2.33 generation top case, and it works perfectly fine. you don't even have to configure the multiPod Touch to get it working; since it's USB it works right out of the box (so to speak). note: not using the right temp sensor can cause your fans to get irritated and run full blast!

EDIT: just noticed this post said "multiPod Touch" everywhere I tried to say multiPod Touch.

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Thanks for the info, there are other keyboard questions here for you to look at ;-) +vote


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So the glass trackpad is just a usb device, does anybody have a pinout? I might consider laser cutting in my old topcase.

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