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Fifth generation of the Lexus ES luxury sedan.

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Headlight assembly removal and replacement

I have two new headlight assemblies. Do I need to remove the front bumper to replace these assemblies? What are the steps involved?

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To get to the screws you need to remove the headlights you will need to remove the bumper cover. There are 4 on the bottom quite a few alone the top and then you will need to go in through the wheel well . The only video I could find on this that was close is here

it should help get the cover off. Remember your not removing the bumper only the cover

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On an ‘07 GS350, fishing the ballast-to-headlight connector cable through the headlight assembly is nearly impossible. Some people take off their headlight covers with a heat gun (which shouldn't be done without replacing the headlight lens and applying fresh sealant) while others cut a hole in the bottom to make room for it to pass by.

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I was also looking for a solution to replace this ballast Can you please confirm me, if above mentioned guide is applicable for this product? or there is any another way to replace this ballast by my own? I don’t want to pay labor charges for something that I can do my myself.

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@sansajohn , do you also own the same type of car, if yes then the answer is following the same procedure. If you owns a somewhat different type of car then you will need to gain access to see what you will need to do if you are lucky, it will be an easier job. I dont recommend to cut and splice wires to make the job easier and this a high voltage system and your butt connectors may not last long before they overheat, also the ballast has a voltage sensing circuit built-in and may also give you problems if it senses a problem.


I have Lexus ES 350 2010 so luckily I can follow the same guide :). Thank you so much for quick response


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