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The first-generation Ford Focus was manufactured in Europe from 1998-2004 and in North American from 1999 to 2007.

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2004 Ford Focus Radio problems...

Hello...I was driving down the road with radio on in my 2004 Ford Focus and it just stopped working. The clock (which is part of the radio) still works but can't get radio to work anymore. Could this most likely be a fuse? Is the fuse for the radio under the dash? Which one is the right fuse?

Thank you so much.

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i have 02 ford focus and the radio,clock and cd player are all functioning but i get no sound. all fuses are good, aerial ant. is good i am puzzled. can anyone help??


my radio will not turn off when I turn car off


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Could be a fuse. There are two fuses for the radio. One for ignition off draw, and another for ignition on. There's a fuse panel in the knee panel below and to the left of the steering column. The fuse listing is on the inside surface of the cover panel, which is simply snapped in place.

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I have a ford 6000 radio in my focus. Every once in a (sometimes long) while it stops functioning. When i take out the panel with preselect buttons 2 to 5, wait a few seconds and put it back in again, a miracle happens and it's working again....

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If any of you guys have kids there is a good chance that something was inserted into the radio that doesn't belong. Also just like a laptop or keyboard the keys get sticky the same thing happens to the radio lots of dust and grime accumulate once every 2-3 months take it out and clean it

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My 2004 focus radio stopped working, but the clock kept working and after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, nothing works. Fuse is fine. The instrument panel lights work intermittently, so I'm thinking there's a short. How do I check it?


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