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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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phone keeps turning off after booting to os

hi all my lg g2 keeps turning off after booting the os .

this happened after I replaced my lcd

tried a new battery but still the same .

tried factory rest and it keeps turning off.

can anyone help?

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anyone please :/


Thanks so much for your reply here's a short video how the phone acts after lcd replacement


Hi Wisam, thank you for the video it was very helpful.

Sorry I have one more question.

- after the screen goes black, is the phone asleep or does it turn off itself completely?

So for example after the screen goes dark if you called it, would it ring/vibrate and the light on top show you have a missed call, but the lcd screen just won't light up?


The phone turns off completely


Well i guess the right place for this phone is trash lol


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Hi Wisam,

It's likely the proximity sensor. Those things are a bit tricky to put back in correctly (at least in my experience).

Do the following tests.


- take the phone next to a very strong light (for just a couple of seconds, you don't want to melt it) and press the power button. Does the phone wake up?

Medium Complexity (be very careful not to fry the motherboard or screen by static - do at your own risk)

- turn off the phone

- take off the back cover and the top motherboard cover.

- carefully remove the proximity sensor from its nest, so that the sensors are facing the light

- very carefully turn on the phone back on

- once the phone is on, put it to sleep and try to wake it up again either with tapping screen or power button.

- turn off the phone (completely power it down)

- reassemble

If either of these work, your proximity sensor just needs to be wiggled a little in its nest so that it is picking up light. Make sure it has it's rubber 'glove' still on.

If you are still having problems, take it to a repair place, they shouldn't charge you a lot to just put the proximity sensor in properly.

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